Latest fashion trends and clothing for teens

Teenage is one of the most crucial periods in the life of a person. Various kinds of changes start taking place in the individual in this age group (13 years – 19 years). Due to changing hormone levels in the body at a great speed, various kinds of emotions start playing in an individual at the same time. It is a vulnerable age and many things need careful handling at this time.

One of the main problems of parents during this time is that they feel their kid is going out of control. Exposure to the big-world is no more a problem with teenagers. They know very well what is happening around them and try to keep pace with the same. One such thing is regarding latest fashion trends. Whether it is a teenage girl or a boy, they love to follow the fashion trends as much as possible.

Following are chosen latest fashion trends that are commonly seen among teens:

Graphic prints – Whether you are adorning a t-shirt or a top or a blouse over a skirt, graphic prints are extremely popular with teenagers now. The prints can be of various kinds, ranging from floral prints to abstract design prints. The color combinations of these prints are usually in contrast colors and very attractive. Such prints are popular with both girls and boys.

Turtle necks and plaids – If you go back to fashion trends of teenagers in 1990s, you will notice that plaids and turtle necks were extremely popular during those days. The dresses are making a great comeback in the market again and have great demands with customers. They are available in extremely stylish designs and patterns. While some of them are in combinations of very sober colors, others are little bright and bold. Choose the dresses as per your choice and personality.

Schoolgirl style – This teenage style is very suitable for any young teenager girl. The dresses not only help in creating a street-style, but can be worn at casual occasions as well. For instance, the combination of striped t-shirt with a denim jacket, a well designed mini-skirt and a pair of flat ballerinas are perfect for creating that schoolgirl style. Having a sling bag completes the style. Another great dress for this category would be a plain white shirt with an scarf and stylish jacket along with tailored pants. 

Denims with leather jacket or a blazer – When we talk of fashion or style statement, it is mostly for women. But men are also becoming fashion conscious and investing a lot for the same. For instance, the combination of denims with a blazer as well as leather jacket is a lethal combo for any teenager boy. Teaming up the same with the right kinds of shoes and other accessories will help in creating the perfect look for sure. 

Printed pants – Teenagers are going gaga over this attire. Printed pants are selling off like hot cakes and are becoming a favorite with teenage girls. They are teaming up the pants with some attractive top or t-shirt and making a classic look. 

Useful style tips for teenagers

Most teenagers have the bad habit of following fashion trends blindly. They do not try and understand that some dresses are not suitable for them. Before purchasing a dress, make sure that the dress looks good on you and is suitable for your body type. Following trends blindly will not make you fashionable always. In fact it can ruin your style if you do not team up your whole ensemble in a logical manner.

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Why every woman should have a Maxi dress?

Maxi dresses have been in vogue since long. Various kinds of dresses have come and gone, but these dresses have been able to maintain their evergreen charm till this day. Maxi dresses are long dresses which are free flowing in looks and reach to the ground. Though now various kinds of styles are seen in the maxi dresses, previously they came only in the free flowing format. It is interesting to see that for some women the dress reaches just up to the ankles, while for some others, it reaches the floor. The dress first become popular in the 1960s and since then has evolved but stayed in fashion.
Here are some varieties of maxi dresses that are commonly available in the market:

·       Maxis for beach wear – If you thought that beach wear means bikini, you are wrong. You can wear free flowing maxis to the beach when you are intending to take a long stroll by the beach. The loose fit of the maxi dress is great for warmer places. You can attend a beach party as well in this lovely outfit.

·      Maxis with tight fit – It is interesting to note that some maxi dresses look good in tight fitting. The waist is made narrow to emphasize the body shape. Either a belt or elastic is used for making the maxi tight at the waist. 

·     Maxis in solid color combinations – Color combinations in maxis vary from one another. While some come in lovely colors and prints, some come in solid color combinations. For instance black and white color combinations are hot picks, where the lower part of the dress is in solid black color and the upper part is in lighter shades. Usually maxis with solid color combinations are not as much in as normal maxis. 

·      Maxis for party wear – If you are a Page 3 reader, you will get news of parties and social events of celebrities quite easily. Spotting a maxi dress is not unnatural in these places. There are exclusive party wear maxis that are worn by people. They come in myriad designs, styles and patterns. Some of the dresses are shoulder-less, while some of them are strappy in design. However, maxi dresses also come with sleeves (short and long). 

·      Maxis for all body types  - It is a well known fact that different women have different body types. Some women are slim and tall, some are curvy, some have athletic structures, and some are short and bulky and so on. Maxis are available in the market for all body types. Designs and cuts of the maxis might vary from one another so that they are suitable for specific body types. 

Maxi dresses for parties – a favorite with many women for the benefits that they offer

General women as well as celebrities have been seen to wear maxi dresses in parties and get-together. While some women love to wear toned down sober maxis, some others like their maxis to be bright and colorful. Wearing these maxis has many benefits. Most of these maxis are flowing till the floor. As a result, the legs are fully covered. If you have forgotten to shave or wax your leg for unwanted hair, the maxi dress will help in concealing the same smartly. Maxi dresses also make women look extremely elegant and sophisticated if they are worn as per body shape and structure.
Things to look while buying summer dresses

Things to look while buying summer dresses

We all love summer as we love dressing for summer and not for fashion. Glamour in summer dresses cannot be added by wearing denim shorts and vests. Sundress works perfect for summer. Every girl’s wardrobe is full of beautiful dresses but you can’t wear those dresses during hot summer days. You should keep some important things while buying summer dress for you. 

The most important thing among all is your comfort. If every girl is wearing crop top and you don’t feel comfortable in it, you shouldn’t wear it at all. Thus, make your choice based on your comfort. Second thing which is avoided by many girls i.e. body type. You must know buy dresses what go well with your body type. 

Summer dresses are available in various lengths. Some of them are above-the-knee-length, knee-length, mid-calf-length and ankle length. If you are the girl who doesn’t like short-length dresses, thus stay away from bold and bright summer dresses. So, there is no need to waste your time on looking short dresses. Since body type matters a lot you should be careful while choosing dress for yourself. If your body type is petite, go for long dress like maxi dress it will make an illusion of enhanced height. Short-height dresses go well with the taller ones. However, overweight women should not go for short-height dresses.

After the length, fabric comes second in the preference order. Fabric should not be of your choice rather it should be according to the weather. Cotton is considered the best for summer season. Not only is the cotton lightweight but also convenient to breathe through. Fabrics such as synthetic, silk or other heavy-weight fabrics are not meant for summer so you just stay away from these fabrics. 

You can also consider buying anarkali suits online. You can easily get good deals on Indian ethnic wear.

If comfort is considered well with the choice of your fabric, there would be no chance for you to get irritated by your dress while you are out in the humid weather. Tight dresses should strictly be avoided during summer. You can consider Lycra as well. It is lightweight as well as appealing. Since dark clothes absorb more heat as compared light colors, you should consider light colors summer dresses only.

What we are loving this month here at Jumpo!


Summer is the season to check out all the latest big tunes and hang out with friends in the sun, and where is the best place to make great memories with friends? Festivals of course! In the UK we are so fortunate to have so many festivals all around our country and with a wide range of different music. Of course you have Glastonbury, Reading, the Isle of White festival, iTunes, SW4 and so much more! Here at Jumpo we love the festival season and all the great fashion trends that we see there.

White the summer colour!

This sunny month has left us all sweating, and in need of something cool to wear. This season we have found the ‘it’ colour to be white, and we love it! Big bold patterns matched with a lovely white item.
Not only is white seen on high street fashion but all white assembles have hit the red carpet, and celebs are loving the sheik and elegancy that the colour white brings. From women wearing all white suits to a simple white blazer with a playsuit, crisp white is defiantly this summer’s hot colour.

Heat wave

The last couple of weeks have been hot, hot, hot! Last Friday reached the scorching heat of 32 degrees, which of course is brilliant for those out in the sun tanning up! The weather has been hotter here in the UK than in California some days! So rainy, cloudy Britain isn’t as dull and miserable anymore. Although it has only been a few days and we always seem to get a little too confident in this country and scare the lovely weather away with all of our negativity!

Funky nails

Of course with all this lovely sun and long summer days and nights out we need to be looking our best and everything should be on point and looking great. So make sure your nails are looking amazing. With all the different ways to have your nails and glitters and things to stick on, it seems as though our nails are turning into mini master pieces.

Jumpo London is loving Barry M’s magnetic nail varnishes that give you an awesome nail art design and so easily done! No getting your hands dirty just simply paint a coat of the nail varnish on your nail and then hover the lid with the design over the nail. You can find these magnetic nail varnishes in a range of different colours with different patterns.

Ombre hair

This season we have witness the growing popularity of us girls loving the hottest hair dye style, Ombre hair. This hair style adds a two tone touch of glamour to every girl’s hair. Not only does it look great but it is also very easy to do from home and cheap.

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10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in the World

10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in the World

Fashion has not been designing a dress; it has become a serious business though. If the figures are to be believed the British fashion industry is worth £26 billion according to the British Fashion Council. The number of sales and revenue of fashion houses are constantly increasing which indicates us how big these fashion names have become. How many big names do you really know? If you don’t know, Jumpo London has come up with an infographic that depict a list of 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in the World. This list includes right from Emporio Armani to Dior, Versace, Fendi etc.  

Jumpo London at New Look

Not only do we have a fabulous online store, but Jumpo London can also be found in the Label Lounge section at New Look! There you can find gorgeous tops, dresses, jackets, track suits and many more! So we have brought some of our favourite items to you. In this blog we will also give you some great tips on what to wear the items with and where to wear them.

Our first item is a stunning lace detail top. We love this item as it can be dressed up or worn casually. When dressed up it could be worn with a killer pair of heels and a smart skirt of trousers. Then when worn casually it can be worn with jeans and dolly shoes. Also it can be perfect to wear to work!

Ladies Fashion Coats

Leather jackets are great for all occasions and outfits. We do live in England and we all know the weather is very unpredictable, so this little jacket is great. It is easy to fit into a bag or just put over your arm. This jacket also comes in two different colours so go and check them out!

Going out dresses

We adore this electric blue colour! The colour also looks even better with a tan! So this is the perfect dress to take away with you on holiday! Again this dress can be worn in the evening as a dinner dress with a nice pair of wedges, however in the day it can be worn with sandals and you’re sure to give people the ‘wow’ affect!


Us girls love to dress up and slip on a great outfit, however some day’s we all need a break! This beautiful tracksuit will still give you a lovely touch of glamour and it is extremely comfortable. We love this colour pink too; the tracksuit will look fab with a pair of white trainers.

Not only is this dress on sale! It is also very charming. With a cheeky low cut on the back of the dress it is again perfect to be worn as an evening dress. The gorgeous floral print add’s the touch of femininity that is perfect for the summer. Floral patterns are also defiantly in this season!

Last but not least we have our very elegant pink chiffon dress. This particular dress looks best when worn to a special event or for a night on the town! Simply add a pair of black heels to complete the look and maybe some jewellery if you want an extra touch of glamor.

Maxi Madness: Celebrities in Maxi Dresses

Maxi Madness: Celebrities in Maxi Dresses

Whether its red carpet or any public appearance, our favorite celebrities’ expensive designer outfits influence us and make us follow them. Thus, we all like to see which new trend our celebrities are following as they are trend-setters also. The new trend is all about maxi madness. Some celebrities are trending in our celeb list that can be seen wearing maxi’s these days. Have a look how they carry those maxi dresses in different ways.